Create a Stained Glass Work of Art
Enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own unique items using heritage skills

Overview of weekend Stained Glass workshop 9 am till 4 pm Saturday & Sunday

to be held in February 2023, date to be determined by student consultation.

Cost $800.  Glass and tools supplied.

Conducted by artisan Peter Robertson.

Please register your interest with Peter by email here or phone 0400562050


Participants must be aged 16 years or older

The weekend workshop includes expert instruction on;
• Safety practices
• Discussion of design, patterns, drawings and measurement parameters.
• Explanation of glass, types and finishes, glass tools and their uses, associated materials, lead came, zinc, brass and copper foil, chemicals and cleaners.
• Glass cutting freehand and with devices, cutting with plans or and patterns.
• Types of finished surfaces and how to acquire.
• Lead; shapes, styles, how to decide which one and why, how to cut.
• Soldering; type of tip, wattage, how to clean and prepare prior to soldering, what solder and fluxes to use, explanation of the flow of molten metal.

Create your panel with or without painted and fired glass
• Preparing glass for painting, preparing the paint and setting up Kiln
• Assembly of panel using lead and glass, decisions on using strengthening bars, brass or steel.
• Waterproofing the panel, types of sealers.
• Cleaning and polishing the panel, how to use hand tools or machine.
• How to repair a broken panel, restoration of stained glass, what to look for, how to acquire a plan of the original design to work with.
• How to install, if in timber frame or aluminium frame.
• Jigs and mass production.

Revision and questions

Notes will be provided by Peter covering important aspects of the course. A Kiln, Glass grinder, Light box, assorted chemicals and various glass tools will be available for your use during the class courtesy of the tutor. 

Times; Saturday 9 am till 4 pm, Sunday 9. am till 4 pm
Please register your interest as the date of the workshop is dependant on numbers. A maximum of 4 students will be accepted per course.