I undertake restoration and heritage work, ensuring that your original leadlight maintains all the character and ambience of yesteryear whilst having the hardwearing and lasting qualities of a new leadlight.


                       From this                               To this

 Before                  LR                                   


As restoration of this Tingha Road Inverell sign would have been more costly than the manufacture of a completely new panel due to the degree of damage caused by being vandalised, it was decided to proceed with a new replacement.  The first part of the work was to design a working drawing similar to the original panel from details obtained from the damaged panel.  Glass colours were then matched as close as possible, cut to shape, new lead fitted and soldered in place and finally the panel puttied and polished prior to re installing into the sign frame.


     From this!                      Working Drawing to match!       The Glass cut, soldered and puttied!

     OnDeliverySweb                                    DrawingSappWeb                                     PuttyWeb

                                        Ready for instalation                      Restoration complete     

                                       SappWeb                                TinghaRdFrame


Restoration of stained glass window from badly oxidised lead and putty missing to broken glass panes!



     And the finished panel!     Restored

Repairs where the original glass is no longer available, the object was to match all areas relative to the design to make uniform.

48 Granville

Damaged stained glass panels had been covered with timber using sillastic as a fixative, all the glass with the exception of the green was able to be matched for the repair.

PriorA PriorB Complete DrummondDoor


A nice original classical deco design used in this kitchen cabinet, the lead had oxidised and putty gone as were the mirror finish in the coloured sections.  Now restored to its former glory!

The unrestored is on the left side

OriginalDoorMidWeb  DoorMidWeb

 And the side doors for the same cabinet fully restored.


 The completed work with restored panels fitted


  A lovely deco door panel damaged due to a faulty door closer

McGrathPreRepair  and repaired McGrathPostRepair